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Pepper Grinder: Types and How to Choose

For those who try to maintain the flavor, aroma and texture of the pepper longer, household utensils are very important: pepper grinder. Apparently, contrary to what many people think, it doesn't just go to the store and choose a grinder. Know that there are various types, with different characteristics and that can adapt more or less to what you need. To get a picture, just visit

What is a pepper grinder?

Well, this question seems very easy, right? Pepper grinder is a machine that makes grinding this food to eat, you must think. Of course, you are right, but we can still talk about it further.

Did you know that pepper is usually stored in grinders only after baking? Yes, you see nothing is as simple as it sounds? You can always learn a little more. In this way, this is more conserved - but no one has to do it if you don't want, respectively, to choose the method.

This device was discovered only in 1842, by a Frenchman named Jean Pequignot Peugeot. The grinder acts by applying mechanical strength and breaking and destroying the grain, which is broken down into granularity.

Find out the best pepper grinder

Now that we know a little more about the story and how to best use this tool, let's move on to the next step. At this point, the important thing is to better understand how it works so you can choose the best for your profile later.

As we have said, there are various types of grinders. The characteristics of each can affect food in different ways. In addition, the distinctiveness of each part makes it easy or difficult for pepper preparation. Understanding:

Grinder Wood: This material is important to know the durability of your object. The better the wood is, the more the pepper grinder will last in your home - even for decades. Quality wood can ensure that. Moreover, of course, there are still other materials, and it is up to you to evaluate and consult their durability. Just looking at each product to be sure.

Grinding regulator: A good grinder will also have a piece that allows you to regulate the thickness of the pepper it wants. This is the grinding regulator, which has this name precisely because it regulates the thickness to which the pepper will be crushed. This will help when preparing food. In some of them, as in sauces, soups and broths, a greater thickness is likely to be used; in others, in the case of meat, larger pieces are usually used. If it is to buy something lasting, that is something good.

Grinder Gear: This item is also related to how much your pepper grinder will last. If it is of a durable material, it is clear that the durability will be greater. Preferring those made of stainless steel is a good idea in this sense.
Cleaning care: in addition to these three product-oriented recommendations, the latter targets the consumer and is also related to durability. It is important to always keep the product well clean - do this using a dry, non-forceful cloth. If it is very necessary, use at most one cloth moistened with water and liquid detergent (always rubbing very carefully, without forcing); after, remove the soap that you hold with another damp cloth. Also be aware of the grinder, which should not get lint trapped.

By following these three tips, the consumer will have durability and quality. The first, based on wood, gear and cleaning care. Already the last one, mainly with the governor of the grind and, a little, also with the wood. If it is to invest in something, it is high quality and it will last for a long time, right? By following these tips, the consumer will be satisfied.
Types of Pepper Grinders

Now you are almost becoming a peppermint specialist, there are just two more steps to go. You already know exactly how it works best and what elements to observe when buying. Now we just need to see the types and the prices.

First, let's go to the types of pepper grinders. While you see these models, ask yourself, for example, if they are for your home or if you have a restaurant and will use it on it; if you want it to match something in your home / property; how much you will use and how much it needs to be durable.

- Compact: compact grinders are good for those who have little space at home to store.
- Classic: The classic grinder is the typical grinder you've probably seen out there. It is what comes the peppers that are sold in supermarket, for example.
- Electronic: This product that involves more technology, works a little differently. Can combine with more modern styles.
- Practical: that of simple use, for those who prefer practicality instead of style.
- Design: For more refined environments, this may be a good option. There are several models in the most creative ways.
We hope that by reading this article you can choose a grinder that suits your needs.

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